Types of Driving Careers

Drivers in all career paths enjoy top-quality equipment and facilities. Associates are recognized and rewarded for world-class performance and have opportunities to be promoted from within our ranks. Choose the career path that appeals most to you.

Regional Van and Flatbed Drivers enjoy the open road and have the opportunity to see America’s highways throughout the South and Midwest. Mile after mile, our regional drivers ride in comfort and enjoy being home EVERY week to be with their loved ones. With 31 states of coverage, no forced NYC or Canada, 2 hometime options and low-cost family benefits, our program for regional drivers has a variety of opportunities for everyone.

Dedicated drivers enjoy predictable routes between specific customers. Dedicated routes may range from intrastate to interstate. Dedicated drivers enjoy frequent hometime, often daily.


The Professional Choice

As a professional driver, you understand that what you do every day is not just a job...it's a career.

At Averitt, we want to help you achieve your goals, both for yourself and for your
family. That means providing a place for you to call home, and an environment where career-minded people like yourself can work together in a strong and stable environment to meet your maximum potential.

That's why at Averitt, we make promises that we stand behind:

We work as a team.

We believe in a well-balanced quality of life.

We recognize excellent performance.

We are customer-driven.

We take personal responsibility.

We believe in continuous improvement.

We strive to work with associates who are driven to succeed, who are confident in their abilities, who care about their customers, and are humble about their successes. Because of this, we've been able to achieve unheard-of status in the freight management industry, including:

One of the lowest turnover rates in the industry

A high level of professionalism unmatched by any other company in the industry

Continued recognition for our clean, safe equipment and facilities, and for our outstanding service to our customers

Averitt Express Hiring Guidelines


 Must have High School diploma or G.E.D.

Regional Driver 25 years of age and older:

 Minimum experience 4 months in the last 3 years & will go thru refresher course.

 Minimum experience 1 year in the last 5 years & will go thru refresher course.

1 year of verifiable tractor-trailer experience within past 3 years

 Accidents/Incidents in the past 3 years will be reviewed.  Use best judgment.

 Maximum of 3 jobs in past 2 years and cannot have been terminated from last driving job.

 No convictions for Reckless Driving within the past 5 years

 No convictions for DUI or DWI within the past 5 years

 No serious violations within previous 12 months (15 mph or greater, following too closely, improper passing, traffic offense committed in a CMV in connection with a fatality)

 No more than 1 moving violation within the past 12 months

 No more than 2 moving violations within the past 3 years

 Not currently involved in any pending court action that would disqualify applicant from employment

 No felony convictions EVER

 No misdemeanors for theft or violence within the past 10 years

 No misdemeanors for drugs within the past 5 years

 Can not be terminated from a job in the past 3 years.  NO terminations for safety issues!!!

Regional Driver 23-24 years of age:

Same requirements as above except:

 No moving violations within the past 12 months

 No more than 1 moving violation within past 3 years

Candidates must be able to:

 Lift/Open Trailer Door

 Count Freight (when necessary)

 Complete Fuel Tickets

 Hook/Unhook Trailer

 Perform pre-trip Inspections

 Extensive travel - ability to sit upright for extended periods of time

 Load/Unload Freight (occasionally when required)



First impressions are lasting impressions. This is why how you look is so important. It shapes the perceptions our customers and the public have of our team. Customers are more likely to use a service provider that makes them look good to their customers. Our goal is to set the standard for professionalism. The following policies and procedures help us do so:

GENERAL IMAGE GUIDELINES: First impressions are lasting impressions. Sometimes they are the only impression. Your image is an important factor in shaping the perceptions of our customers and the public. Customers are more likely to use a service provider that makes them look good to their customers. Our goal is to set the standard for professionalism.

Associates are expected to maintain a neat, professional appearance at all times.

Clothing should be job appropriate and neat, clean, coordinated and in good repair. Dirty, stained or torn clothing is not acceptable. (Please see Professional Dress Code Guidelines and Uniform Dress Code Guidelines for specific information regarding clothing.)

o Hats or clothing with another Company's logo are not allowed.

Men's Hair must be a naturally occurring color (no green, purple, etc.). Men's hair should not extend below the earlobe in the front or the collar in the back. Men may not wear hair decorations of any kind.

Women's hair must be a naturally occurring color (no green, purple, etc.). Women's hair must be neatly trimmed or pulled back.

Beards are prohibited unless Associates have a medical condition that prevents shaving. To obtain authorization to wear a beard, Associates must provide certification from a licensed dermatologist that a beard is medically necessary. Associates must keep beards trimmed to within one inch around the face. Decorative beards and goatees are prohibited.

Mustaches must be neatly trimmed and of a reasonable style. Mustaches may not extend below or beyond the corners of the mouth.

o Handlebar or walrus mustaches are not acceptable.

Sideburns must be trimmed above the earlobe. No pork chop or decorative sideburns.

Tattoos and body jewelry are prohibited. (Women may wear earrings; however, hoops and dangling earrings may not be worn while handling freight. No other body jewelry is allowed for men or women.)

Fragrances should not be noticeable. Due to possible allergies or sensitivities, associates should not wear personal fragrance products (colognes, lotions, etc.) with a noticeable scent.

Drivers are expected to comply with all image and uniform guidelines while they are on-duty. Drivers are exempt from the image and uniform guidelines only when they are off-duty in the sleeper berth or outside the vehicle at a non-customer location.

Associates who do not comply with general image and dress code guidelines will be subject to progressive disciplinary action and may be sent home to correct their appearance.

We are able to preserve and enhance the professional image of our Averitt team through our uniform program. All drivers, dock and preventive maintenance Associates are subject to the Uniform Dress Code Guidelines. Associates subject to the guidelines are expected to wear official uniform items.

Items included in the current uniform program are acceptable according to the guidelines listed below. Non-Company issue Averitt logo clothing is not acceptable.

Shoes should be black and must have solid leather uppers and non-slip soles. Cowboy/western boots and tennis shoes are not acceptable. Shoes should be polished and in good repair.

No other accessory, pin, button, or excessive jewelry may be worn with the uniform. Socks and belts should be black or charcoal except with uniform shorts (see below).

Hats must be official Averitt. They must be worn properly not backward or sideways but with the cap's bill facing forward.

Shorts must fit no lower than the top of the knee and no higher than three inches above the knee. Shorts are to be worn with the same colored socks.

Averitt t-shirts are offered through our uniform program. However drivers may only wear t-shirts as an undergarment.

Averitt sweatshirts are offered through our uniform program; however, drivers may only wear sweatshirts with a red or white dress turtleneck or collared uniform shirt.

Driver and full time dock associate jackets and coats must be from our official uniform program. Part-time dock associates and Mechanics may wear solid red or black jackets or jackets from our official uniform program. Drivers may not wear coveralls.




































































(Please call 423-508-8372 to see if you’re in hiring area within these states.)