For more than 90 years, the name C.R. England has stood for high quality transportation services to a growing list of satisfied, prestigious customers. Experience, integrity and a solid track record have earned C.R. England a reputation as one of the nation's leading companies specializing in temperature-controlled transportation products.


C.R. England values our professional truck drivers and their safety. Our emphasis is on providing opportunities for drivers to take charge of their lives. We hire qualified individuals with no previous driving experience, as well as experienced drivers, independent contractors, and graduates from other truck driving schools. C.R. England operates training schools where individuals new to the industry can obtain their commercial driver licenses. Through our truck leasing program, entrepreneurial-minded individuals may get started in their own transportation business.

At C.R. England, customer service is our main focus. We understand the importance of identifying and responding to each customer's unique needs. Our emphasis is on delivering the freight entrusted to us on-time and safely.

C.R. England offers valuable services to other trucking companies through England Carrier Services. This division provides factoring, fuel discounts, and other services to participating carriers, allowing them to concentrate on the core competencies of their business.

As C.R. England grows, so do opportunities for non-driver employees. We are continually seeking experienced, career-minded professionals who are committed to providing high level service to our customers, drivers and independent contractors.


Founded in 1920.

Family owned and operated for four generations.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT.

Service provided throughout North America.

Over 3,500 late model Freightliner, International, Volvo and Peterbilt tractors, and  5,600 Utility and Great Dane trailers in service.

Three driver schools located nationwide.

More than 4,600 drivers and independent-contractors.

Over 1,000 non-driver support staff.

$544 million in 2005 revenues












A successful truck driving school candidate will:

1. Be at least 21 years old.

o Those 23 years old and younger need to have a clean driving record.

2. Have a satisfactory employment record.

3. Complete all portions of the driver application, including:

o Three years of employment history.

o Phone numbers with area code for all employment history.

4. Have a clean driving record with:

o No DUIs in the last seven years.

o No reckless driving charges or license suspensions.

o No more than two drivers license administrative suspensions in the last three years.

o No more than two moving violations in the past year with no more than three in the past three years.

5. Pass a mandatory drug screen.

6. Be able to pass a Department of Transportation physical from a doctor at the direction of C.R. England.

7. Have results of the physical that meet minimum standards, including:

o A blood pressure rating of 140/90 or less.

o An eyesight rating of 20/40 or better.

o A horizontal field of vision rating of no less than 80 degrees.

8. Pass a C.R. England road test.

9. Show an original Social Security Card that:

o Has not been laminated

o Has not been copied

10. Understand that firearms are strictly forbidden on CR England property.

11. Felony's must be at least 10 years of age of older.



C.R. England Truck Driving Training: In three to four weeks, complete the classroom and behind-the-wheel training that result in you getting your CDL.

On-the-Job Training with a Certified Driver Trainer: For 30 days receive on-the-job training with a certified trainer. The pay of $61.43 per day equates to $430 each week.

Training is a minimum of 60 days: For a minimum of 30 days after you are placed on a training truck, you will earn $61.43 per day that you are signed on to that truck. You will then earn .12 cpm for the balance of your training.

After completion of your training program, it's time for you to choose from several career paths available to you:

Solo Company Driver. Drive for CR England as as solo driver.

Team Company Driver. Choose a friend or let us team you up with another driver to team drive and gain more miles on the road.

Lease your own truck. Choose from a new, state-of-the-art Freightliner or Cascadia.

Lease your own truck. This option provides a six-month demo lease.

Remain as a second-seat driver. You will earn 13 cents a mile and continue to receive company benefits.



Through the fast-paced truck driver training program, you will accomplish great things by the end of the first week. Students of the training program will find that, although demanding, the course is also very rewarding.

During the first week of class, you will meet your instructor and learn about the safety procedures, mechanical operations, and log requirements of truck driving. There may be homework every day throughout the program, but you will find that the more you work, the sooner you will accomplish your goals.

Of course, the real fun starts when you get in the trucks. After attending classroom instruction, your time spent in the trucks will teach you how to:

Turn the tractor-trailer.

Handle railroad crossings and intersections.

Drive in city and highway traffic.

Back up the tractor-trailer.

Couple and uncouple the tractor to the trailer.

Inspect your equipment, including the complete pre-trip inspection.

Test your brakes.

After successful completion of the C.R. England truck driving training course, you will be hired, receive your CDL, and be assigned to a certified Over-the-Road Driver Trainer. With your trainer, you will be given opportunities to gain a personal understanding of your new career and have the valuable information you learned in class reinforced through first-hand driving experience.



Administrative Fee: All students entering the C.R. England truck driver training program are required to pay a non-refundable administrative fee of $50. Accepted forms of payment are cash, credit card and money order. There are no cosigners or credit requirements for financing programs.

Company Driver Training Program: Tuition is $2,995 with available financing. Lodging is included in the cost of tuition, if required.

1. Pay in Full (Great Deal): When you pay your tuition in full with cash, check or credit card at the beginning of the course, you will receive a $1,000 discount. That comes out to a full tuition of $1,995. A $1,000 reimbursement is given to company drivers who have completed three years of driving service.

2. Financing (Base Plan): When you sign a note with Eagle Atlantic Financial Services, your $2,995 tuition will be paid at 18% interest. Through this option, $55 per week will be deducted from your paycheck, beginning four weeks from the loan date for a period of 18 weeks. At that point, a payment of $75 per week will be collected until the full note plus interest has been collected. A $1,000 reimbursement is given to company drivers who have completed three years of driving service.


Pay Information






























Hand Stacked Load and Unload Pay:
Receive a minimum of $1.50 per thousand pounds or the established lumper rate.

Customer Load or Receiver Unload Pay:
After the first two load or unload stops, receive $20 for all stops.

Layover Compensation:
The cost of a motel is available 72 hours after unloading. After you have unloaded, receive retroactive layover pay of $25 after 48 hours.

A 401(k) retirement/savings plan is available to drivers with one-year seniority. Every dollar contributed by the employee will be matched by 50 cents from the company, for up to 3% of the employee's gross income.


After one year, you will receive one week paid vacation.

After two years, you will receive two weeks paid vacation.

After ten years, you will receive three weeks paid vacation.

After fifteen years, you will receive four weeks paid vacation.

C.R. England offers a group health, dental and life plan to employee drivers. The health and dental plans are available the first day of the month after date of hire. Life insurance is available after six months of employment.

Time Away From Home:
Three to four weeks is the average length of trips. Drivers will receive an average of one day off for each week on the road.

Trip Length:
C.R. England drivers average 1,400 miles per trip. The industry average is 900 to 1,000 miles per trip. The longer trip length means more driving and less unloading for C.R. England drivers